Wedding agency "Katja Wedding" is the arrangement of luxurious, solemn events. We fulfill your dreams, give emotions, worry and experience together. What will be your day? Decide by yourself. Dreamming, fantasing, we will be next. Irreproachable work even in small details is guaranteed.

Professionals undertook to organize a wedding, all are free. We will offer you a place for a banquet, choose a presenter and artists. We will prepare an entertainment program for guests. Our wedding agency will calculate the budget without excesses, we will design the territory for exit registration, draw up a thematic plan, You are Just relax, "drink the moment of happiness to the bottom."

Marriage agency services Katja Wedding.

Before the celebration, together with the younges, we choose the script and themes. We plan festive images for the groom, the bride, the witnesses and the guests. Teaching a wedding dance. Determine the place of banquet and exit registration. We invite photographers, videographers, presenter.
On a wedding day: florists and decorators of Katja Wedding studio, will decorate the banquet hall and dance floor, stylists will make a spectacular make-up and hairstyle. The manager will track the seating of guests at the table, the serving of dishes.


How romantic is to ask “hand and heart” of your beloved? Our staff will, at your request, prepare the appropriate environment. We will come up with an original script specifically for your couple and turn this day into a real fairy tale!
To organize a fascinating rendezvous of the young? Dinner at the restaurant, horse riding, dizzying descent on a roller coaster, all this we arrange for you, just choose.


  • Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved

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